Worldwide Procurement Office

This specialised function helps to process and co-ordinate work activities specifically related to the sourcing and procurement of goods and services. Depending on your requirement, BWG will design a process flow where the local Client Entity operates as a Standalone entity to process all the procurement activities from Enquiry to Final Closure.

Establish an IPO Gateway
BWG can set up and operate an International Procurement Office (IPO) full services gateway on your behalf to take care of all your international sourcing and procurement activities. With the reach and connectivity of BWG’s global network of resources, we can help you optimise your procurement processes via our standardised procurement procedure.

Our vast knowledge of trade and international logistics requirements ensures that you can transact with anybody, anywhere in the world, with full control and a synchronised backroom support.

Vendor and Supplier Management Programme
It is smart to know who you are doing business with, and in some cases, absolutely crucial. BWG operate a standalone Vendor and Supplier Management Programme to ensure that both your potential partners and third-party service providers are routinely vetted for process compliance, observe good governance and are in good business standing in the industry.