Resource Hosting

BWG can assemble a full team of well-qualified support staff to handle Backroom & Operations for your business, reducing one of the largest fixed costs to your business – Human Resources. The result is improved cash flow and efficient operation of your business processes at lower cost.

BWG offers a cost-effective Integrated Services Hub for Resource Hosting, Reporting, and a customised suite of business functions for your short- or medium-term needs. These include the following:

Staffing, HR & Payroll ( work permits, lodging, etc )
BWG can provide a full concierge service to manage the deployment process for a new hire or to support your employees, whether on assignment or on routine visits, and those already on site to ensure they are cared for professionally.

Finance & Accounting
BWD supports a full suite of Financial & Accounting capabilities to help you prepare for proper audit and compliance with local authorities and regulations. Customised Reporting can be provided as an additional service.

Back Office Administration
Back office operations such as shipping administration, documentation control and IT administration functions can be set up according to your Standard Operating Procedures. Back Office Operation provides corporate functions and duties such as annual budgeting and/or project planning as and when required.