Representative Services

BWG’s Representative Services solution is a holistic package of services designed to give you access to a full facility office and qualified people to help you run your business.

Our Integrated Service Office Suite is backed by 24/7 access to Internet, telephony and office conferencing systems so time and location is never an obstacle to your business progression.

BWG’s office is situated in one of the most prestigious business locations in Singapore. Our business address lends weight and credibility to your business in the minds of your partners and customers.

We have flexible work spaces that we can offer for your use. And as your business grows, and more space is needed, we can accommodate that growth.

Representative Directorship/Stewardship/Business Advisory
As a new organisation, it is beneficial to have guidance from experienced professionals who have been there before, know the pitfalls and know the best practices that will accelerate the growth of your business.

We select a qualified member of our team to perform the role of Representative Director, Steward or Business Advisor, based on the fit to your business and your current needs.