Customer Support Programme

This programme provides complete customer support services for your “Satellite Office”. Operationally, it can be modelled on your Headquarters’ operations in terms of facilities, documentation procedures, staff policies and standard operating procedures. Depending on the recommended design workflow for the support required, we can match and train the right support staff to the given assignment in the following areas:

Short Term Deployment
BWG can assist you in selecting, hiring, training new staff. For interim support, we can assign a dedicated employee to focus on specific customer support while the training and deployment of the new staff is in progress.

Extended Deployment (Project Contract)
BWG can offer a flexible contract period for an experienced Programme Manager to take charge of key projects of duration of over several months. This role is designed for clients who require Project Manager(s) or a Project Team with relevant experience in the related field and the capability to handle a project from initiation to project closure.