We provide insightful and 360-degree holistic assessment services for businesses that aim to achieve par excellence in their field. We go deep and stealthy into your organisation to examine organisational dynamics at every level right down to assessing potential fault lines in the organisation.

Our Assessment Team is made up of experienced consultants and experts in their respective fields, meticulously screened for their relevant background, knowledge and experience, good character and integrity before they are invited to join our exclusive assessor panel.

These experts are then matched to the appropriate assignment to provide the “in-the-business” perspective. This is further balanced with critiques from a panel of business advisors to achieve an assessment that is both insightful and impactful.


To encourage SMEs to upgrade their business, SPRING Singapore’s Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) scheme provides a $5,000 voucher for SMEs to pay for services in Innovation, Productivity, Human Resources Development and Financial Management. The voucher can be redeemed at participating Service Providers.
BWG Consulting Pte Ltd is a participating Service Provider for the following services :

  • Productivity
  1. SME Mgmt Action for Results – SMART
  2. Prod Mgmt – Productivity Improvement Projects
  • Financial Management
  1. Planning & Budgeting
  2. Cash Flow & Working Capital Management
  3. Financial Controls for SMEs
  4. Financial & Business Assessment for Growth
  5. Financial Management Advisory

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