Our Brand

Our Name
BWG is short for Bring Wealth Group. BWG is about delivering and sharing wealth in all its forms. –While wealth is almost always associated with material or financial success, we see it as that and more besides.

Along with financial success, we regard Knowledge, Capabilities, Experiences and Ethics as vital and integral components of the success (wealth) architecture that we conscientiously build on daily.

We share and learn as we grow and progress. We constantly seek to better ourselves, share our wealth and energise others to create and reinforce their own wealth.

Our Logo
Our logo is designed to reflect the heavy influence that people have on outcomes. By using the stylised human-like form in an elliptical continuous flow, we capture the essence of people working together to be “complete”. It symbolises a harmonic and endless relationship. The upward tilt of the elliptically forward flow not only expresses steadiness but also modernisation. The two-tone blue further strengthens human evolvement, and signifies leadership and learning phases, reflected in the change from a lighter shade to a stronger hue. The font used is Gill Sans, which is a humanistic San Serif typeface.